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Phone/ Whatsapp: +447540958298

Booking ideas (All available online over Zoom or in-person):

Solo Concert

A tailored set/ programme available in various lengths and repertoire options. Milo enjoys performing in many genres from any time period. Examples of programme ideas include 'The Harp in 20th-Century France', 'Baroque Music for Harp', and 'The Jazz Harp'.

Lecture Recital

A presentation including performing and detailed speaking on various subjects. Milo has given lecture recitals on subjects including 'Harp music inspired by poetry', 'Transcribing for the harp', 'Defying harp paradigms' and 'LGBT+ representation in Western Classical music'.

Composer Workshop

For composers who want to learn how to write effectively for the harp. Milo can workshop existing pieces or start from scratch regarding compositional techniques - including solo, ensemble and orchestral writing.


A masterclass with one or multiple students exploring ideas including musical interpretation, technical work and informed performance practices. Milo feels that having an open dialogue around performing in an encouraging atmosphere achieves the best results. 

Recording Session

Audio recording in any genre (recorded from home as mp3 / uncompressed file or can travel to a studio). Milo can record sheet music, transcribe by ear, or improvise over tracks.

For price inquiries please use the contact info above - also do feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions/ requests!

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